Hey y'all. I am trying something new here. I want to do something every day that makes me feel uncomfortable. Damn near scares the shit out of me. This is going to be my challenge from now until the end of the year. 

What brought on this "challenge" of sorts you may ask? The answer is my need to conquer my fears and my insecurities so they don't become generational. I see some people who have generational curses on their families and many times a lot of them are rooted in fear. So anyway, I want to shake things up a bit and force myself into some discomfort.

One of my main sources of fear within todays society is social interaction believe it or not. I am an introverted extrovert. I read that personality trait lends well to being a great artist, but has some downfalls. As an artists it's supposedly a perfect balance. Spending hours and hours practicing an instrument, dancing, painting whatever ALONE is unheard of for some. They can't imagine being alone and being content. However, artist are alone a lot...that's time to create. On the other hand you have to present that art, that song, or dance to the world and become extroverted. Even if only momentarily as an alter-ego. You must get your art out there. Anyway, that was a long ass rabbit trail. I apologize. But anyway, I'm somewhat socially awkward. 

I don't know what my first challenge will be. I'm thinking on it...